Q: When will registration for BotCon 2016 go online?
A: Registration opens January 2016. We will send out an email to all TCC members before it goes live on the website.

Q: What do I need to do before registration to get the discounts?
A: If you have not joined the Transformers Collectors Club yet, you need to do this before registration to get the discounts. Your log-in and password will be the same for the registration system as the club store.

Q: I've never been to a Transformers convention before, so can you tell me what to expect from the show?
A: All of the convention information, packages, tours and costs will be online this fall. You can check out past yearís events and packages on the official BotCon Archive link.

Q: If I start registering on the first day, but don't have the money to pay, does the system save my shopping cart? Can I log in later and complete my registration without losing packages?
A: Unfortunately it does not. You must pay at the end or everything is released back into inventory. We cannot hold anything.

Q: If I buy a Primus package, can I have a family member pick it up for me early on Thursday at registration?
A: Your family member cannot pick up your items. Only the person named can pick up sets at your assigned registration time.

Q: Is an infant required to purchase an attendee package?
A: Ages Four and under are free, older children would require an attendee package or General Admission.

Q: Do you accept Paypal this year?
A: No, but we do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards.

Q: When is the pick-up time for the packages?
A: All depends on where you fall in the registration cue. You will get an email after registration is processed telling you when your slot is. You can come anytime AFTER your appointed time. Registration pick-up starts at 6pm and will go all evening. Everyone will be split into hourly groups.

Q: I won't be able to make it to my assigned registration pickup time on Thursday, so can I still get my box set after that?
A: Yes, we will still have it available for pickup any time during the weekend.

Q: I will be attending Botcon and have read through the available packages. The information says there are 6 registration packages but I only see 5 available: Primus, Iacon, Mini-Con, Protoform and Golden Ticket. What is the 6th one?
A: Golden Ticket Mini-Con.

Q: Why is the cost of the Iacon package the same as the Primus package?
A: Because you donít pay the expenses to come to the convention. We only offer the non-attending option as a courtesy. Many events require that you attend to get the exclusives.

Q: Can Primus attendees purchase a 2nd Predacus set on Thursday as well in the Club Store?
A: You would pre-order the number you want when you register. If you wait, there may not be any.

Q: I don't understand how the packages work for the convention. Can I just buy mini-con package?
A: No. To get a Mini-Con package you must be with someone that has a Primus package. This is designed for family members traveling together.

Q: If I'm not able to attend BotCon, will the Predecus set be available online after the convention?
A: You can order a non-attending set. This is called the Iacon Package. Please see the information tab.

Q: Can a family member pay for a Primus package if they wish to give it to me as a gift?
A: You can but you must have their log in and pass word. At registration, you enter the CC info with the account holderís name.

Q: Is the Predacus only available if we purchase one of the attendee packages it's included with? In other words, we wont be able to purchase this at the convention?
A: The package includes admission for the weekend. Therefore, itís cheaper for you to register for a Primus package and then you donít have to pay general admission. Sets will only be available at the convention if they are not sold out before the show.

Q: I registered for the non attendee package (box set and loose set) and the custom class figure, and was just wondering if all items will ship together?
A: Yes, these items are shipped together for you.

Q: I have purchased two packages one for me and one for a friend. Her name is entered but my name is on the bill, we will get two separate badges with our names on one each?
A: Yes, as long as you put her name in. Look down the invoice. Both names are listed by the package they have.

Q: When I pick up my Primus package, do I get multiple vouchers (enough to get all of the purchasable exclusives ), or do I only get 1?
A: You get one voucher that is good for one time in line on Thursday/Friday. After we see how Thursday night goes, we will make the decision as to what the limits are on the souvenirs.

Q: What if I can't register for a convention package by the March 21st registration deadline?
A: You can come to late registration on Friday April 8th, 9:30 AM at the Galt House. At this time there will be some packages available.

Golden Ticket Primus

Q: lf I get a Golden Ticket does that mean I can't get a regular mini-con and it has to be a GT mini-con?
A: Yes, that is correct. If you get a Golden Ticket, the package that goes with it is the GT Mini-Con.

Q: If I buy the Golden Ticket package, am I able to buy triple the amount of souvenirs on Friday? To be more clear, do you hold enough souvenirs for those Golden Ticket holders that arrive on Friday and cannot be there on Thursday? Or is there a chance that I can be out luck with the souvenirs by Friday?
A: While we donít "hold" items for Friday, they are accounted in the available sales on Thursday night. If you are there Friday morning when the souvenir sales start (schedule not set but usually around 9am) there has never been a problem. We can't guarantee anything but again, we donít believe it will be an issue. We usually start running out of souvenirs Friday afternoon.

Q: Will Golden Ticket holders get a professional picture with Judd Nelson, just like was allowed with Frank Welker in 2015 or is that only included with the VIP Pass?
A: No. There is only the VIP Judd Nelson package.

Q: How do we receive the tickets we have purchased for Botcon?
A: You havenít purchased any ďticketsĒ. You have purchased a package and you will get an email in April before the event, explaining your pick-up times. Just bring a copy of your receipt to prove what your invoice number is. This is how the groups will be sorted. We canít do the sort until registration closes. Plan to be at the hotel by 6pm Thursday.

Custom Classes

Q: My child is planning to sign-up for the custom class. As his parent, is it possible to just go for the class that one day to help him? Or do I have to register as well?
A: Unfortunately we donít allow observers in the class. You would have to have a package and a class ticket to participate on Friday. You must be 14 years old to be in a class due to the use of knives.

Q: How long is the customization class?
A: All day. 9AM-5PM.

Art Contests

Q: If I want to be the part of the BotCon Art Contest this year, should I mail the artwork before the March 15th deadline?
A: You have to bring your art, we just need your information by 3/15 for spacing. Please email

Q: For the art contest, can we enter two entries per category like before?
A: Yes, two entries per person.

Special Guests

Q: Which guests will be making an appearance at BotCon this year?
A: All guest announcements will be posted on the official BotCon website.

Q: Will you have anymore Beast Wars Guests for Botcon 2016?
A: We cannot comment on any potential unannounced guests.

Q: Does regular door admission cover someone being able to get autographs from the special voice guests?
A: No. You would need to purchase an autograph band for $25.

Q: Can anyone attend the Stan Bush and Vince DiCola concert at 4th street live or do you have to be a Primus attendee?
A: Anyone can attend, as itís an open air venue.


Q: What do I need to do as an exhibitor that wants a booth for BotCon 2016?
A: Registration will open this fall at the same time as attendee registration. We will send out an email and post on the website when it is available.

Q: How much will it be to have a booth? Also, any advice for someone that does not have a credit card machine?
A: Booth prices are in the Convention Brochure, click the Info tab on the left side menu. You can get something like Square or Quicken with a card swiper and run it from your Smart phone. There are many people that have this type of on-demand credit card service for use at the show.

Q: Do I need to have a username on the Transformers Fan club website to register as a dealer?
A: You can create a non-member account on the registration page. However, if you are registering for any of the convention boxed sets, you will not get the discount. If you want to get the discount, you need to be a TCC member.

Q: I am interested in setting up as an exhibitor. When does that close? In other words, when do I need to register by?
A: You need to register as soon as you can as that determines your placement in the show room. Also, we close out registration about 3 weeks prior to the event.

Artists Alley

Q: I am interested in reserving an artist table for BotCon and wanted to know how many chairs come with the single table?
A: Two chairs per table.

Q: When will registration for Artist Alley be available?
A: When registration goes live this January.

Q: I'm hoping to register for an artist table, does that come with just one badge? Will I need to purchase a 2nd badge for a helper?
A: Yes, it includes one and you can purchase a second.

Q: I'm an artist who creates originals and prints of Transformers characters, but I'm unclear of the requirement to not infringe on Hasboro rights. What do other artists in Artist alley sell?
A: There is no problem with custom art. Hasbro allows that.

Q: I'm trying to decide what to get and need to know what's the difference between the Artist's table and an Exhibitor table?
A: The difference is that an Artist tables cannot sell retail goods. It must be something that they have created. We have an area where all the artists are together.

General Admission

Q: Is it possible to buy general admission tickets in advance?
A: Tickets are only available at the show entrance on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: I was wondering about BotCon 2016 and saw the dates are April 7th-10th. But General Admission is the 9th and 10th, is there a way to get in on the 7th and 8th or do I need to join the club?
A: To get in on Thursday and/or Friday you must have a registered attendee package. The package info will be out this fall. To receive a discount on a BotCon attendee package it makes sense to join the Transformers Collectorsí Club. There is no General Admission access on Thursday or Friday.

Q: Do you have to preorder early access tickets or will they be available at the door on Friday?
A: To get in on Friday you must register for an attendee package. General Admission is only available on Saturday and Sunday. If you want the Early Bird General Admission ticket these are at the door on Saturday morning 9am.

Q: What does General Admission give you access to?
A: General Admission provides access to the event on Saturday or Sunday (Exhibitor hall and all Panels).

Q: Which guests will be included in the autograph wristband?
A: For General Admission attendees, David Kaye, Venus Terzo and Scott McNeil are included in the autograph band.

Q: Can General Admission enter the Art Contest?
A: No. You must be a registered guest attendee to enter the Art Contest.

Q: I recall that some souvenir packages could be purchased at the convention. Can General Admission attendees obtain these?
A: If there are any items available by the time General Admission starts. Usually some items are sold out before then.

Q: What is the recommended time to show up for queuing of General Admission tickets?
A: When you arrive for General Admission is up to you.

Q: What are the ages for a child's General Admission ticket?
A: The General Admission Childís ticket is for 12 and under. Teenagers are considered adults.

Shuttle Service

Q: Is there a shuttle service to the Galt House from the Airport with a discounted rate?
A: Yes! Please use Sandollar Limo to receive a $3 discount off of the round trip with discount code "BotCon".

Show Schedule

Q: What activities/events are there on Thursday and Friday for those attending the convention?
A: The convention schedule will be posted early 2016. Thursday night is package pickup and exclusive sales and room to room trading. Friday is panels and the Private Preview. Saturday and Sunday have panels all day and General Admission is admitted to the Exhibit Hall. For the full list of events and activities please read the BotCon Brochure.

Saturday Night Dinner

Q: Who is able to go to the casino night awards dinner on Saturday night?
A: Is it only open to Golden Ticket, Primus Mini-Con package holders. These are the packages you must have to be able to go to the dinner.


Q: Are you guaranteed souvenirs (via vouchers) if you do your package pickup on Friday?
A: Vouchers are given out when you pick up your package. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee anything. All are sold on a first come, first serve basis. What (if anything) is left Saturday is open to everyone including General Admission. Thursday and Friday are vouchers only.

Q: Will there be any Generation One remakes at BotCon this year?
A: We canít comment on any products that have not been officially announced.

Q: What made you guys go with the Combiner Wars theme over beast type Transformers figures?
A: After brainstorming with the Hasbro Transformers team, we decided to make the BotCon set closer in line with the brandís retail offerings so that the set would be the pinnacle for the year.


Q: Are the hourly door prize drawings only for package holders?
A: Hourly door prizes are for everyone that puts a ticket in the drum. Anyone attending BotCon receives a ticket.

Q: Will Wi-fi access be available at the convention?
A: Yes.

Q: If your family friendly costume includes the guns of the character you're portraying, will they need to be safety capped?
A: Yes, all prop weapons require a safety check. No actual guns allowed.

Q: Would a 3D animation fan film be an acceptable entry?
A: Yes.

Q: Would handmade plush transformers be considered infringing on Hasbro copyrights, eliminating them from the dealer's room?
A: Not that we know of, but that depends if they do/do not have any logo usage.

Q: Will CGC or CBCS representatives be on site for any comics that are signed by any of the guests that will be in attendance?
A: You might suggest to them to come as an exhibitor. They have never attended in the past.