Aaron Archer! AARON ARCHER's career at Hasbro spans two decades, having started out with Kenner in 1995 as a designer on Batman, Star Wars Episode 1, Alien resurrection, and Jurassic Park 3. In late 2000 Aaron landed on Transformers, the brand for which he is best known. From the Beast Wars line through Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Aaron has been part of the production of thousands of Transformers toys. Aaron is most proud of his roles in the creation of Masterpiece, Alternators, and the Unicron Trilogy, with Tomy/Takara.

Aaron was part of the Hasbro team that worked with Paramount and Michael Bay to bring the Transformers to life across four films and Transformers: The Ride. During Aaron’s time on Transformers he worked to expand the Transformers mythos beyond toys to publishing, television, movies, video games, and fan conventions.