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BotCon 2016 Store Update!04/20/2016 - We wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you to all our special guests and attendees that made this final show a great success!

Make sure to check out the TCC Store to see what 2016 BotCon souvenirs are available online! Don't miss these last BotCon items! Please note that the boxed sets are a pre-order and will not arrive from the manufacturer until the end of May. If you pre-order the boxed sets along with other items, you will receive two shipments.

Thanks for your support!

BotCon 2016 VIP Pass Update!03/22/2016 - We have added a SATURDAY Judd Nelson VIP General Admission Ticket available now!

This $189 Judd Nelson VIP General Admission PASS will provide you an autograph slot on Saturday morning 9:00am-11:30am and your photo slot will be Saturday afternoon 12:30pm-3:00pm. This autograph package for General Admission attendees is limited to 200 slots and can be pre-ordered now through March 30th. After that date, you will need to come to late registration and availability is not guaranteed.

BotCon 2016 Guest Update & Registration Deadline!03/21/2016 - March 21st is the last day to preregister for BotCon 2016 as a Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, Protoform or Minicon package holder. Also, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass, today is the last day to add that to your attending package via the BotCon online registering system. BotCon 2016 is being held in Louisville, Ky April 7-10 at the Galt House Hotel. If you don't register today, you will need to come to late registration at the Galt House on Friday, April 8th, at 9:30 am. Availability is not guaranteed.

Plus, we have two big announcements on this final day! First, we are thrilled to announce that Casey Coller and Josh Perez provided the artwork for this years Judd Nelson VIP Pass art print! Casey and Josh are just two of the OVER TWENTY TRANSFORMERS ARTISTS that will be set up in the BotCon 2016 Artists' Alley. The Judd Nelson VIP Pass includes an in-person autograph from Judd, a pro photo with Judd, an exclusive cloisonne' pin, the exclusive Hot Rod art print by Casey and Josh and VIP seating at the Judd Nelson Saturday Q&A. The cost of the VIP Pass is $129 and can be added to both new and existing BotCon attendee packages through the BotCon Registration system.

Our other big announcement is that our final guest for BotCon 2016 is none other than Aaron Archer! From the Beast Wars line through Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Aaron has been part of the production of thousands of Transformers toys. Aaron was also part of the Hasbro team that worked with Paramount and Michael Bay to bring the Transformers to life across four films and Transformers: The Ride. During Aaron's time on Transformers he worked to expand the Transformers mythos beyond toys to publishing, television, movies, video games, and fan conventions.

BotCon 2016 March Update!03/11/2016 - You don't want to miss the script reading panel starring Judd Nelson, David Kaye, Venus Terzo, and Gregg Berger on Friday afternoon! To see this you must be a registered attendee, so make sure you have signed up for your Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, MiniCon or Protoform package. Also, for those who have already registered, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass to your existing package you should add it now.

Registration will close on March 21st, so there is not much time left to register. Currently there are only 30% of the Primus packages, 8% of the GT packages and 19% of the Iacon (non-attending) packages, left.

Please note that March 16th is the last day you can join the Transformers Collectors' Club. If you are interested in receiving the discounts for BotCon, the 2016 FREE Membership Incentive figure and/or purchasing the TFSS 5.0 (to be revealed in full at BotCon 2016), you will need to be an active member as of March 16th. All memberships will end December 31st, 2016. Hasbro looks forward to sharing new plans for the Collector's Club with you in the future.

We appreciate your support over the last 12 years and wish the brand well in their new endeavors.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing each and every one of our Club members at BotCon 2016!

BotCon 2016 Guest Update!03/10/2016 - We are thrilled to announce that Gregg Berger, voice of Grimlock, Long Haul, Skyfire and Outback, will be our guest at BotCon 2016. Along with David Kaye and Venus Terzo, Gregg will be available for autographs and panels. He will also be participating in a live script reading alongside all of our guests on Friday afternoon, so if you have not yet registered for BotCon be sure to do that today!

Stay tuned for more news, updates, and info regarding all the events for BotCon 2016 - North America's LARGEST Transformers fan convention!

BotCon 2016 Artists' Alley!03/07/2016 - We are thrilled to announce that we have twenty amazing artists setting up tables at this year's show! Once again, BotCon is THE place for Transformers artists, so make sure you visit the largest Transformers Artists' Alley of any pop culture convention next month!

To see who is attending, click on the Artists' Alley link from the menu on the left to see which of your favorite Transformers artists will be at this years show! You can meet them all in Louisville, Ky April 7th-10th!

BotCon 2016 Judd Nelson VIP Pass!03/03/2016 - We are thrilled to announce that Judd Nelson, star of the 1986 animated film "Transformers: The Movie", will be the featured guest for BotCon 2016! From leading roles in "The Breakfast Club" and "St. Elmo's Fire", the 90's sitcom "Suddenly Susan" to his current role on the hit Fox TV series "Empire" and the upcoming film "Billionaire Boys Club", Judd Nelson continues to entertain audiences with his amazing intensity and charisma! We are truly excited to give fans the chance to meet this great actor and someone who made such a lasting impact on the long-running Transformers franchise.

To order the Judd Nelson VIP Pass, click the story thumbnail for instructions. See you in Louisville next month!

BotCon 2016 Concert!02/19/2016 - Just announced and open to the general public! BotCon 2016 presents Stan Bush and Vince DiCola April 8th at 4th Street Live in Louisville, Kentucky for a fantastic friday night concert!

Click on the story thumbnail to see the full size poster of this exciting musical event.

Stay tuned for more details but in the meantime make sure you make plans for the BIGGEST AND BEST TRANSFORMERS weekend of the year... this April in Louisville, Kentucky at BotCon 2016!

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